Raspberry Pi domotics system

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  • I had a raspberry pi laying around the house I hadn't used for a couple of months, due to the fact that it isn't strong enough to play super high quality resolution movies.
    The new raspberry pi fixes this problem, but I thought I could use the old one for a domotics system.

    Thanks to this raspberry pi
    - I control all my lights
    - I get a notification if someone enters my house (Motion detection sensor) and the alarm is on
    - The electric blanket for my girlfriend automatically starts heating half an hour before she goes to bed
    - I discovered which lamps are using more power (replaced them already)
    - The lights turn on when it gets darker
    - ...

    What does a raspberry pi look like?
    This is just a mini computer:

    How do I control sockets?
    Through a Z-wave controlled socket, a Fibaro Wall Plug:

    This cannot only control your sockets, but also measures the amount of electricity that's being used.

    How do I detect motion, measure the temperature and measure the light strength?
    Thanks to a Fibaro motion sensor:

    How do I communicate with these devices?
    Through a mini 2nd generation Z-wave USB-controller, which I plug into
    my raspberry pi:

    On the memory card of the raspberry pi your can put a program called Domoticz.
    They even have a ready made package available for the raspberry pi.
    Just write it to your memory card and you're done, it's that simple. :)

    What does the controlpanel look like if you open it through your

    I started with Domoticz, but I switched to Pulse-Station, the new version of SynoZwave. This since it can also run on not only my raspberry pi, but also my Synology nas.

    Where did I buy all this?
    After some research these turned out to be the cheapest. If they don't
    have something, you can just mail them and order it.

    What are the next steps?
    - I want to add a smoke detector and replace my thermostat for a smart one.
    This allows me to do control more devices, for example:

    The possibilities are endless.
    You can turn off lights at a distance if you forget about them.
    You can set notifications.
    I build an alarm with this (4 digit code)
    There is an app available (Dromotica or Imperihome)

    I definitely recommend it!
    Zaakvoerder DiMoWeb

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